How to Transfer Videos from iPhone to Computer without the USB Cable

Software - Transfer Photos from iPhone to computer Windows Program - How to Transfer Videos from iPhone to Computer without the USB Cable Are you still transferring files from your iPhone to your computer using old-fashioned cables? Well, it's time to give this an upgrade. Traditionally, transferring files has always been a tedious task. You need to ensure that the cable supports both the phone and the computer. With Apple hell-bent on using only their proprietary Lightning cables and adapters, you'll be in a real pickle if your cable gets lost or damaged.

But not anymore! Using the ScanTransfer application, you can be done in a moment's notice, without ransacking your house for a USB cable. The entire transfer process has been streamlined to ensure that your requirement is fulfilled in the least possible time. Isn't that nice?

A Few Reasons Why You Will Love ScanTransfer

- Transfer Over Hundreds of Videos and Photos
Thanks to advanced speed acceleration tech built into the program, you can send hundreds of videos, images and photos in a matter of seconds, saving precious time.

- Transfer from Multiple Devices
Those looking to transfer files from multiple devices simultaneously will benefit immensely from this feature.

- Protect Your Privacy
ScanTransfer functions using LAN capabilities and requires no Internet connection. This way, data is safely contained within the network and cannot be accessed or compromised without permission.

- No App Installation Is Required
Your iPhone's camera or a simple QR Scanner app is all that's needed. No need to download additional apps anymore!

Transfer Videos and Photos from iPhone to PC without USB

How Do I Use Transfer Videos from iPhone to Computer without the USB Cable by ScanTransfer?

Step 1: Connect Both Devices to the Same Network
Ensure both your computer and your phone are connected to the same Wi-Fi or LAN network. If you don't have one, simply switch on your iPhone's hotspot and connect the computer to this network. It will function all the same!

Step 2: Launch the Application on Your Computer
If you haven't yet downloaded the computer application, hurry up and download ScanTransfer here. Once that's done, open the program where you'll be presented with a QR Code.

Step 3: Scan the QR Code from Your Phone
Launch the QR Scanner or iOS Camera Twitter available on your iPhone and focus the camera onto the QR code displayed on the monitor. As soon as the scan is done, you'll receive a helpful notification informing that a connection has been made.

Step 4: Select Videos to be transferred
Once a link has been established, you may proceed to select the videos you wish to transfer. If you're looking to transfer videos in bulk, simply long-press a single video file and then drag it across the screen, selecting all the videos in between. This is a nifty little feature that'll save you a ton of time.
Tip: You can also select photos with videos together to transfer them at once in bulk.

Step 5: Send!
After you're done choosing your files, click on the "Done" button, present at the top-right corner. You'll be presented with a progress bar, reflecting the number of files sent.

That was simple, eh? ScanTransfer is extremely useful for those looking to retain their privacy and do away with the usual hassles of file transfer across devices. This'll soon become your go-to tool for all file transfers down the road!